PayPerCloud hosted product- Decommission (cPanel and Vaultscape Online)

By | March 28, 2016

Dear cPanel/VSO customer,

As we constantly grow and evolve as a company we need to review and evaluate the products we offer and support. This process leads to certain products being discontinued. cPanel and Vaultscape Online (VSO) are two products that are at the end of life at Synoptek. We appreciate your long time subscriptions to these products, unfortunately we are not replacing with a comparable service. Our expertise and upkeep of the environments have not meet the high standards we at Synoptek work hard to maintain. With that being said, we will be shutting down all cPanel platforms on April 28th 2015. We ask that you plan to migrate or decommission any site or service that is currently being hosted on the cPanel/WHM system. There are several products that provide migration solutions. For VSO customers, there is no export process.We recommend all protected machines be moved to a new product as soon as possible to make sure retention is not an issue.

We will be happy to provide any necessary information for this process. If you need more info, please email

Thank you,